Orbot for Windows

Please develop Orbot for Windows. I don’t want Tor Browser. There’s a Tor client called: OnionFruit Connect that doesn’t work when I travel to iran.
Please develop it.


So… do you develop the Windows version in the future?

If you have Orbot on mobile you can tap the option to enable Tor access for tethered devices and then set the phone as a wifi hotspot. When you connect to the wifi SSID the device will be connected to Tor. OnionFruit does look interesting but personally I would trust Guardian Project over other options.

No thanks. I prefer official Tor proxy (not the useless browser) app for Windows. I have a extension that I can access onion sites using Google Chrome!

You could try to run TBB and convert its socks5 proxy (, I am not sure) to https one to use in windows

Orbot is not developed by the Tor Project. You should ask The Guardian Project if they have plans for it.

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They only develop mobile apps!

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