Orbot blocks certain applications

I am having issues with Orbot. I use Orbot in VPN-mode in combination with AFWall+ on my Smartphone with LineageOS 17.1. My messenger apps work fine, but other apps like browser apps don’t connect to the internet. Using trial and error made me think that the problem is connected with orbot and not with AFWall. I can also share additional information if needed. Anyone who has an idea which could solve the problem? Help is appeciated!


You might try rotating your exit nodes, your exit may have a reduced policy which explains why some apps like messaging works while others dont.
This can be done by hand in the torrc, but i advise against it. Easiest way to rotate all your nodes including guard, is to delete the Tor state file and restart tor. Should attempt to fetch new guard and exit relay descriptors

Thanks for this advice! I actually couldn’t find this file. Everything was a bit weird and for me it was unclear if the problem is related to orbot or AFWall+ (or both). But in the end, installing another firewall app solved the problem


I have the same problem using Orbot + AFWall+. Could you tell me what firewall are you using now instead of AFWall+?

Sorry for the late reply. I switched to RethinkDNS, but I had other issues then