Oracle always free tier and tor exit nodes

Hello, I was wondering of the possibility of running Tor exit nodes on oracle free tier with a reduced exit policy allowing only HTTP, HTTPS, IRC, IRCS, XMPP, XMPPS, MATRIX, HPKS, Bitcoin, Monero, ZCASH, OXEN, DOGECOIN, LITECOIN, WOWNERO, NAMECOIN, DNS, DNS over TLS, GEMINI, GOPHER, and nothing else. No FTP, no email, no Usenet, no BitTorrent, etc. Where do I find information on what ports to allow based on my specifications. Is this allowed so long as I set my two virtual machines to never exceed the maximum bandwidth in the always free plan. What do I do with the 200 gigabytes that is also the included to defend free speech and privacy? Maybe I could also run a signal proxy on the box in addition to the tor node to help people sign up. I want to help but I don’t have any money to give.

…no one (except scammers) needs it on|over an exit. Only as a hidden service.

DNS over TLS is unnecessary, DNS makes the exit. GOPHER? Who still uses that?
If you don’t know even basic things like ports, it’s not a good idea to start with an exit. I first ran bridges and relays for 2 years before I started with an exit. You have to process abuse and are legally responsible for everything that goes through your exit!
Everything is [here],(Tor Project | Relay Operations) including the answer to your red. exit policy config.

…is a joke. :rofl: Calculate 50-100 terabytes for an exit.

Funny, Keifer Bly asked almost the same question a long time ago on the relay list. Back then I wrote the same thing:
Oracle :face_vomiting: is an asshole company, they have destroyed many FLOSS projects. I wouldn’t even take anything from them for free. Then it’s better to set up a bridge or snowflake at home. Hidden bridges are currently urgently needed for Turkmenistan: help-turkmens-to-bypass-internet-censorship-run-an-obfs4-bridge


I host middle node on my oracle free tier, but I don’t think If exit nodes are allowed there

200GB is not enough for a relay, even my Snowflake machines take ~ 1 TB/month

Definitely, my 7 days old relay already consumes 400 GB a day. But if I remember correctly oracle cloud free tier has unmetered bandwidth.