Open external links with tor

Greetings, I am trying to get the tor browser to open links received from other apps.

From what I see with other browsers like firefox, just tell the external app the path to the browser executable and everything works fine. However this is not the case with tor, the first time it just starts the browser, the following times it says it is already running.

This is the case in windows and linux flatpak, but not whonix, so I understand that it can be solved, how can I do it?

You can make Tor the default browser for your system. Then it should open every link, no matter where you click on it.

@lutzh It’s actually not recommended to set Tor Browser as your default browser …

ref. Can I set Tor Browser as my default browser?

There are methods for setting Tor Browser as your default browser, but those methods may not work always or in every operating system. The Tor Browser works hard to isolate itself from the rest of your system, and the steps for making it the default browser are unreliable. This means sometimes a website would load in the Tor Browser, and sometimes it would load in another browser. This type of behavior can be dangerous and break anonymity.


I just tested and unfortunately (or fortunately for the devs) it has the same behavior, but thanks anyway.