Onionsite not reachable

Every time I try to go to Dread, it gives message:
“This connection has timed out”

This has been happening for last couple days, even though dark.fail shows Dread as online and other people say that Dread works for them.
This only happens with Dread and other onion sites work.

I am targetted by CIA, FBI and other agencies and would like to know if they could cause this issue. If so, how could I fix it?

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There are likely two things here:

  1. You’re trying to reach a v2 onion service, which have been deprecated and have ceased to exist. If this is the case please check if you can find the onion services’ v3 onion address.
  2. The onion site is down/offline. In that case please reach out to the concerned onion service operator for support.