Onionshare website

Hello People. My question for you is the program Onionshare.
1.Is Onionshare a safe way to create an site ? Do they have any control over your website in anyway? Is it best to create an site the old way in Command with SSH Nginx ? Pro Cons please.
2. IF i create a site on onionshare and let´s say the EL/Power goes out accidental, let´s say a fuse needs to be changed. Do i lose the Onion address/ URL for my website ? do i get a new one ? Because it could get very confusing changing the URL all the time. Is there a way to keep the same Address/URL even if the power goes of or if i shut down the computer ?
3. If i use OnionShare to host an website, do i still have to keep the PC running 24/7 as a server or is it VPS ?
Thank you so much for your answers upfront.

It is trusted and works, pinning the site or whatever the button is that keeps it there after an app restart will save the address, though it’s probably not ideal for long term use

  1. I have not performed a security audit, but I believe it’s legit. No, they don’t have any control of your website. OnionShare is simpler, the classic way gives you more control.
  2. Yes, the site is saved, you don’t need to re-create it (unless, of course, your disk gets corrupted).
  3. Yes, you have to keep the server running, it’s not like a VPS. Similar reply: How to setup a website - #4 by Cryptux