Onion/Privacy Focused Web Frameworks

Most web frameworks, whether they are PHP (LAMP)-based, like Wordpress or Drupal or node.js-based like Ghost, or even flat-file based like Hugo are built for general purpose web consumption but not specifically with onion services or even user/host privacy in mind.

Are there any web frameworks that are built from the ground up to be used in Onion services? i.e. They are built to ensure both the visitors’ anonymity as well as the web hosts’ leaving no possibility of leaked IP addesses or other fingerprinting.


No, nothing specifically mentioned in the documentation.

I wouldn’t expect anything to be in the documentation. I guess I’m wondering if there is a third-party solution to this.

I see people asking if they an use tools like Wordpress or Laravel to build their onion service. I tell them, you can use those tools but you have to audit your code yourself to make sure it is secure for anonymous use. My question is, has anyone built a tool like this that is specifically for onion services?

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No, not that I am aware of. The closest tool I can think of is OnionShare, which only supports static websites by design.

That just provides a limited web server + tor, but not a framework to create the website itself.

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