Onion Domain Name

Hi guys,

I am going to create home server these days to host an onion website.

I found a tool that is very old (over 12 years) called Shallot that generetes you random keys till it find something that has a ‘word’ that you wanna have in your domain.

For example I prefer my .onion domain to something like this:

(it is starting with my last name ‘Delyakov’)

Rather than something like this:

(nothing easy to remember in this one)

So I have two questions:

  1. Can you guys give me some idea how to do it, but not so outdated?

  2. If I success to generete key with domain name like the first one above that is starting with ‘delyakov’ and host my website, but in a moment in the future my home server goes down (crash or sth like this), do I need to generete keys again or the keys for the domain remains the same?

Thank you for the help in advance!
Dimitar Delyakov

This is being called “vanity address”.

You can try onionmine:

No, it will be same.


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