Onboarding: "Adjust Your Tor Network Settings" links to about:preferences#tor instead of new about:preferences#connection

Issue description:

When going through the onboarding, in the Tor Network category the button titled “Adjust Your Tor Network Settings” directs to the deprecated about:preferences#tor page instead of the new about:preferences#connection . Therefore the button leads the user to the General tab in Settings, and not the new Connection tab.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Launch Tor Browser Alpha
  2. Go to about:tor
  3. Select “New to Tor Browser?” in the upper-left corner
  4. Select “Tor Network” in the left menu in the popup
  5. Select the button titled “Adjust Your Tor Network Settings”
  6. Notice the issue

System configuration

Browser: Tor Browser 11.5a12 64-bit (English)
OS: Fedora Linux 36, 64-bit, Wayland
Security level: standard
Installation type: Downloaded from Tor Project | Download Tor Browser Alpha. Signature verified.

Screenshots of which button I mean:



Thanks for spotting this! I’m fixing it immediately :+1:


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