Nyx - in depth tor operation

Hi. I have posted several threads on Debian forums about secure networking (see Fasterandfaster posts). I haven’t got many answers so I am hoping people here know more or are more interested in the topic.

I am trying to find someone who knows all about how to implement the advanced configurations in the torrc of system tor through Nyx (sandboxing, fascistfirewall, bridges because my bridges can all get blocked).

I am also wondering if anyone else has encountered Spectrum Dominance (EW) being used against encryption dominance like tor. If they can’t get into your network, they’ll just blow hidden eFuses or CPU rf killswitches. Something like that because I can hardware disconnect networking and there still is a remote way into the computer. Does anyone use GRiD computers or their TEMPEST MIL-STD-461 shielded equivalents?