Noscript auto updates

The noscript extension in my Tor browser for desktop and android auto updates. Like the latest version in tor according to blog should be 11.4.9 but my tor browser has 11.4.10. Is it common or I should reinstall tor browser?

In Tor Browser 11.5.2 the option Update Add-ons Automatically is set to enabled.
And Allow automatic updates of NoScript is set to Default.

Would it be a bad idea for people to enable auto updates in noscript? Could it potentially create a unique fingerprint? Thanks

It seems more likely to me that leaving auto updates off would result in being fingerprinted. I’m skeptical of the potential for fingerprinting anyways since noscript doesn’t transmit any data. But if everyone on the latest version of Tor browser is using the same version of noscript, then being able to identify that version of noscript potentially tells you that someone is using tor browser.

Would it matter if someone knows you are using TB? Most Tor exit nodes openly state what they are in the host info. If you go to My IP Address, DNS Leak Test, WebRTC Leak Test, IPv6 Leak Test, HTTP Headers, IP Whois - BrowserLeaks whilst behind Tor 99% of the time you can view the hostname which says something like Exit.Node. I’ve seen a few which say This.Is.A.Tor.Exit.Node.
The type of fingerprinting I’m concerned about would be methods which can differentiate 1 person from all the rest

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