No Apparmor profile for little-t-tor

Hi Tor community,
I installed tor a few days ago from the Arch User Repository (AUR), but I cannot get it to work. I figured that the cause was maybe because of me not making necessary changes in tor’s Apparmor profile.

So I went to /etc/apparmor.d/ to check for any system_tor file, but I can’t seem to find it. I reinstalled the OS, installed tor and did that over and over again, but still don’t have it.

Can someone please help me?

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Archlinux doesn’t seem to provide an apparmor profile for tor (or much packages at all). You should be able to take inspiration from Debian if you want to write your own profile (while keeping in mind the default configuration is different between both distro, so some things will definitely differ).

I’m in touch with tor-unstable packager. We’ll try to work on a profile for archlinux which won’t be enabled by default, and might propose it for inclusion in other tor packages.


Great! I would love to see that!