New Tor Browser, Older OS (redux)

INRE: Tor Browser v12.0.4 not working, older system - I tried to answer but:

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That’s annoying, especially since I am busy during the week, try to get caught back up with things over the weekend. People responded earlier this week, I missed the window to reply by one day? It’s been a year since the initial post, why the sudden 24-hour rush now? WTAF, as they say. That needs to be a bit longer than 24 hours. Quite a bit longer, IMO.

@diver - thank you.

@Richard - like I said, legacy reasons. Ubuntu 14.04 is the newest LTS release that uses init, every Ubuntu systemd LTS release I’ve tried ends up having problems with my printer - that’s three different printers, and counting. Two different Samsungs and an HP. The drivers load fine, it prints, then a few days later it doesn’t. Rebooting does not resolve the issue where it only prints about 1/3 of the time. I’d be happy to upgrade to Ubuntu’s newest LTS, once I’m sure the systemd/printingissues have been resolved. Oh, I’ve played with Debian a bit, prefer Ubuntu. Debian switched to systemd in 2015, as a derivative from Debian so did Ubuntu. So switching from Ubuntu to Debian is just jumping from one pot to another, there at the campfire. I don’t see the point, not until things get fixed.

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If systemd is your only concern try Devuan.


There were other issues, but something flaking out and the printer only working about 1/3 of the time was the biggest.

FTR, I’m currently running Ubuntu 22.04 as a guest OS under virtualbox, I’m able to use Tor Browser just fine from there - but because virtualbox funnels guests through the host OS I’m unable to determine whether the printer issues have been resolved. Other laptop I was using for that testing died about a year ago, System76 stopped supporting it before that.

The dead one is a Pangolin P9, purchased in 2012. This one is a Gazelle P9, purchased in 2014. I expect it to die as well, in about a year or so. @@

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