New tab act like new window?

I’m new in the forum and a TOR newbie.

I want to connect to multiple different youtube accounts without google being able to link them all to the same pc, a single source. (each account uses a different sim cards)

If I open different Tor windows I assume this would automatically work and be the case (if in the settings it’s set to “always use private browsing mode”).
But using multiple windows might be more cpu intenstive and cumbersome than tabs.
So is it possible to do in a single window but in different tabs?

In other words, “open new tab with “New Identity” but without closing other tabs”.

Thank you in advance for any advice!

If anybody is wondering this is for a university project which examines short and long term differences in behavior with different internet usage privacy conditions.

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No, that’s not correct. All connections to a single website address will be made over the same Tor circuit: see Tor Browser Manual Managing Identities - MANAGING IDENTITIES | Tor Project | Tor Browser Manual.

To manage multiple accounts for the same website, you would need to run multiple Tor Browser instances.

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Thanks @gus , I read what you sent and more articles, I understand it better now. So I see it’s more tricky than what I initially thought for the project, and need to figure out the way to do it.

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