New Release: Tor Browser 13.0.16

by richard | June 11, 2024

Tor Browser 13.0.16 is now available from the Tor Browser download page and also from our distribution directory.

This version includes important security updates to Firefox.

Send us your feedback

If you find a bug or have a suggestion for how we could improve this release, please let us know.

Full changelog

The full changelog since Tor Browser 13.0.15 is:

  • All Platforms
    • Updated Tor to
    • Updated OpenSSL to 3.0.14
    • Bug tor-browser#42625: Rebase Tor Browser Stable 13.0 onto 115.12.0esr
  • Windows + macOS + Linux
    • Updated Firefox to 115.12.0esr
  • Android
  • Build System
    • All Platforms

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