New release tor-

I just compiled tor- and ran “make test,” which logged two failures:

FAIL src/test/test_tortls.c:512: assert(ret OP_EQ 0): -1 vs 0
[verify FAILED]
FAIL src/test/test_tortls_openssl.c:2085: assert(ret OP_EQ 1): 0 vs 1
[cert_is_valid FAILED]
2/1480 TESTS FAILED. (28 skipped)

Should I be concerned?

I also note that the notices.log flags the new release thus:
Jul 28 00:00:04.000 [notice] This version of Tor ( is newer than │e
ov│any recommended version in its series, according to the directory authorit│
Ju│ies. Recommended versions are:,,,,,│ 4

This is because most of the directory authorities have not included as an accepted version of Tor, which means that the resulting directory consensus does not include it at the moment.