New here, new on Tor, but made a wiki page

The developments in eastern Europe made try running a Tor relay.
As my Linux distro Mageia did not have a wiki page on Tor, I wrote one.
It may come handy for someone, so I post it here
If you see something wrong, or important info lacking, please tell.

Your description of the line BridgeRelay 1 is quite misleading. You should either remove it or make clear what it means to run a bridge and that it is not useful, if you not also use a pluggable transport.

The DirPort is deprecated.

Make clear that you should only log in debug mode, when you are actually debugging, and delete the logs afterwards.

You shouldn’t use firefox or chrome with tor if you want to be anonymous. Always use tbb for fingerprinting mitigations etc.

Snowflake is not a tor relay. It only acts as a proxy for censored users to reach the first tor relay/bridge in their tor cicuit.

You explicitly mention the ip blacklisting when running a tor exit, but the legal implications coming with it is just a link. You should make them more clear. Also many sites just block every ip associated with tor. So even a middle relay can get you blacklisted.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Fixed snowflake, bridge removed (out of scope).

Will fix more tomorrow.

So modern Tor need no other port to internet than ORPort, even if being exit relay.?

What is the correct easiest way to configure Tor to be middle relay only?

There is no correct way to configure a middle relay only mode. Your options are either exit or guard/middle. When you dont allow traffic to exit your relay becomes a middle relay and if your middle relay is fast and reliable enough it eventually gets the guard flag and becomes a guard relay.

Oh, that is a problem for people occasionally using Tor locally + a browser.
Do the the same problem appear with using torbrowser instead of using a local tor?

Was this really implemented in the LTS branch 0.4.5?

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No, only running a relay gets you this problem. I guess they just scrape the consensus and add all ips in it to their blocklist.

I think so, at least the merge request got merged. But i dont’t know for sure. The current stable branch is 0.4.6 anyway, so maybe just run this.

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Maybe just old tradition, but the way to browse Tor using my Linux distro seem to be running tor as proxy for Firefox, so that was what I initially documented. (I have now updated the page to recommend Tor Browser. And made a bunch of other edits.)

I believe that just starting tor will make it show up on some lists…

My IP address is still blocked from several sites though not running tor at all for two days What is still blocking my IP address? - #6 by Kamomilla

Is there a way to configure standalone tor to only be proxy for local applications - not any type of relay?

I was using a user provided 0.4.6, but my distro Mageia prefer LTS, so that is what Mageia wiki page should target.

EDIT: Yes, found in change log this was implemented already in earlier version of 0.4.5. /EDIT