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I’m a strong advocate of Tor. By reading some papers, I have developed some concerns about Tor, such as the fact that there are many de-anonymization attacks against Tor’s anonymity, as well as DoS attacks. Of course, there is a lot of work to improve Tor.

I strongly suggest opening a new category in the forum for collecting and learning about new current Tor-specific research, including bridges, nodes, onion services, clients, and so on.


  1. De-anonymization attacks
    Chen et al. SignalCookie attack.
    Lin et al. RelayEarly attack

  2. DoS attacks
    Jansen et al. PointBreak attack


“Attacks against Tor” would be better for simplification.

Re: 1. De-anonymization attacks
Both links need a subscription.

Access to this document requires a subscription.

IEEE offers both personal and institutional subscriptions. Whether you are an academic, a practitioner, or a student, IEEE offers a range of individual and institutional subscription options that can meet your needs.

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Copyrights make it more difficult to disseminate scholarship. I will try to make original papers available to make them easier to read.

I would like Tor to collect the conference papers and journal papers that are published each year. Studying them is interesting to me.

We are Tor users, but we are also Tor improvers. It’s all about better protecting our privacy.

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I just happen to try get info on the authors. The first two effectively work for the CN government and the other is attached to the US military. Hmmm…

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