New Alpha Release: Tor Browser 13.5a8

by richard | May 17, 2024

Tor Browser 13.5a8 is now available from the Tor Browser download page and also from our distribution directory.

This version includes important security updates to Firefox.

We would like to thank the folowing community members for their contributions this release:

If you would like to contribute, our contributor guide can be found here.

End of Life for Windows versions ≤ 8.1 and macOS versions ≤ 10.14

Users running Tor Browser on older versions of Windows and macOS will start seeing messages warning them their operating systems will no longer be supported. This is an upstream change we are inheriting from Mozilla. Starting with version 116 Firefox Windows users will require Windows 10 or later while macOS users will require macOS 10.15 or later to continue receiving Tor Browser updates. Users have until October 1st, 2024 to upgrade!

Continued Improvements on Android!

This release has removed the legacy bootstrapping functionality from Tor Browser for Android entirely. This legacy functionality depended on the tor-android-service and tor-onion-proxy-library components. With this functionality gone and replaced with the unified Tor backend living in GeckoView, we will be able to drop these components in the next release, which should result in slightly smaller .apk sizes.

We have made a few UI changes and improvements with this release. The UI which allowed users to fallback to the legacy bootstrapping process has been removed (since the backend is also gone).

Additionally various Android-specific privacy and security bugs have been fixed.

Various User Experience Improvements

On desktop, we have been working on various UI improvements and polish. The about:torconnect (aka Connect Assist) page has been restyled to better fit with Firefox's existing UI. We have also fixed various minor bugs related to letterboxing, the onion-service client-authentication dialgo, and the circuit display.

Send us your feedback

If you find a bug or have a suggestion for how we could improve this release, please let us know.

Full changelog

The full changelog since Tor Browser 13.5a7 is:

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