Never use any two countries in the same circuit?

Why doesn’t Tor do this by default?

Would this be a bad idea to force this via torrc by using NodeFamily with country codes?

NodeFamily {au}, {ca}, {gb}, {nz}, {us}, {de}, {nl}, {fr}, {se}, {ch}

Alot of times I have circuits that are all the same country and even with circuits that have two of the same country I feel this is not good?


{germany} → {germany} → {germany}

{usa} → {france} → {usa}

Wouldn’t having just no more the one of a single country by default be better?

{united_kingdom} → {germany} → {netherlands} instead of the above example with all three germany or two usa nodes.

I know forcing exitnodes or restricting exit nodes by countries limits your circuit size but would this be ok?


You can look for answer here:


so, it is “meta” now and no one is working on it :confused:

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That would change the weighting of relays from raw bandwidth to the country of the relay, which has various tradeoffs. Malicious attackers could exploit this relay design to cheaply deploy poisoned relays in underutilized countries. Additionally, since bandwidth would be weighed as a secondary factor, the performance of the Tor Project network would wildly fluctuate as a result.