My website is inaccessible via Tor

Hello all, a strange problem which I can’t figure out, can anyone advise?
My website is unreachable via Tor. I can access it without problem with all the other browsers I’ve tested. Can anyone advise what I’m missing.


Please contact the user support of your web hosting company and ask if they are blocking Tor.

Godaddy use to block Tor. I don’t think they do that any more. As a hosting provider it is none of their business.

The other thing I can think of is if you use some sort of Content Manageent System (like Wordpress) then there may be an option to block Tor and it is on by default. Again none of their business.

Try another site which is hosted on the same supplier.

https : //2ip [dot] io/domain-list-by-ip/

https : //dnslytics [dot] com/reverse-ip

I have no connection to either. I went to both sites and neither give a warning from my AV or safebrowsing.

Hi, I don’t use Wordpress, my website uses HTML, Javascript & Perl.

Hi, I’ve already contacted my web host & they said they have nothing in place blocking Tor!

I said like Wordpress.

Have you tried another site on the same IP address using those links above to find one?

If a number of them work then it is your site. Is it all hand written or using libraries? What does your site respond with: 403, 404, 500? Check the logs.

I tried the following ‘https : //dnslytics [dot] com/reverse-ip’ as you suggested & it appears therei s a block at my web host as none of the websites I tried would load!
I’ll get back in touch with my webhost & ask why the block is in place for Tor!

I’ve been onto my web hosts who suggest I configure Tor to use only IPv4 addresses via torrc.
I’m still getting to grips with Tor so can anyone advise as to how I go about this?

File torrc is located in folder: (assuming a standard Tor install for Windows)
C:\Users\YourUserName\Desktop\Tor Browser\Browser\TorBrowser\Data\Tor

I would have to research how to tell Tor to only use IPv4.

To me it says they are doing something wrong somewhere and this just an excuse. How come the rest of the world can handle this and not them? That’s a lame answer from your hosting company. And what’s next? Will it only work with Windows XP (sarcasm)?

That doesn’t make any sense… maybe they thought you’re trying to host a Tor relay?

if you have access to your webhost panel, can you check if there is some settings that might be blocking Tor?

My webhosts have just quickly disabled their firewall & I could connect to my website straight away! :slight_smile:

This is fun.
My webhosts are still insisting there’s nothing in place blocking Tor & VPN servers are to blame!

I’ve just got back in touch with my web host, I said it seems they have a setting in place which is blocking access to Tor. I’ll update when I hear back from them.
Just as a matter of interest, what should I be looking for in my webhosts panel if I’m searching for a setting that might be blocking Tor?

It’s probably best if I copy & paste this as this is the response from my webhosts re accessing my website via Tor…

“This is a confirmation on my theory earlier that the Tor browser is using VPN servers hosted in networks marked as abusive.
In order to fix that, we need the full list with IP addresses used by the Tor browser so we can remove the firewall restrictions for them”

Are they correct in this or is it hokum?

It’s possible about IPs marked as abusive. From what I know the list of Tor addresses is public knowledge. They should know this. A link to that public info is one this site somewhere. There is a list here: Bulk Tor Exit Exporter and here: Changes to the Tor Exit List Service | The Tor Project

There are people who abuse Tor. A lot of web scraping (and other stuff) is done using Tor unfortunately.

Exit nodes could come from any country or any number of IPs. The chances of you getting one which is NOT blocked is high. So how come you only got the ones which were blocked?

I got a reply from my webhosts. It basically looks like they’ve blocked Tor & it will remain that way. This is their response…

‘I’m sorry but the block has been placed globally based on the recent research. However, as this is a shared server we cannot remove it, because this will lower the security of the whole server.’

Time to change hosting company??

I’ve not been with them for very long & everything else works as it should. I have no complaints with their hosting other than their block of Tor!
It’s a shame but something I can live with.

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