My Tor Node Migration

Alright I’ve decided to uproot two of my servers from BuyVM

it’s unstable and have determined that the reason my nodes are crashing is because it’s running out of resources.

And to make it stave I would have to drop $30/month

So. Anyone know of a hosting provider regardless if it’s VPS or Dedicated Boxes know of a good place to host Tor Nodes?

All I believe i need a box or a VPS that has 4Gbs of ram and 2+ vCPU cores
Ipv6 and ipv4

I personally use for their unmetered plan, I don’t complain

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Do you have a link to one of your nodes hosted there? Curious about the real world performance you’re having.

?? My $ 3,50 slice @ BuyVM/frantech ist stable:

search: lowendtalk tor


I have their cheapest plan, I’ve been limited by CPU usage so I recently limited the MaxAdvertised Bandwidth

If you’d like to stay on your current provider you can limit the advertised bandwidth on your nodes, this will limit the amount of circuits created with your nodes. Less CPU and RAM will be used. I host a node on a free plan that runs on 1 vCPU and 1 GB RAM, it once got overwhelmed due to being a guard, it became unresponsive more often than not and had a pretty big crash once, I then limited it with MaxAdvertisedBandwidth and had no problem since then. My observed BW is around 10 MB/s but limited it to 5. It’s a small relay but it’s better than not offering anything.

That may help me since it’s dieing around 21MiB/s

what is the line i need to add to the torcc file?


if it dies at 21 MBit/s try:

RelayBandwidthRate 1875 KB  # equals 15 megabits
RelayBandwidthBurst 1875 KB

if it dies at 21 MiB/s try:

RelayBandwidthRate 15728 KB  # equals 15 mebibytes
RelayBandwidthBurst 15728 KB

According to nyx, MaxAdvertisedBandwidth will do the following:

If set, we will not advertise more than this amount of bandwidth for our BandwidthRate. Server operators who want to reduce the number of clients who ask to build circuits through them (since this is proportional to advertised bandwidth rate) can thus reduce the CPU demands on their server without impacting network performance.

It’s as easy as defining it on the torrc config file. I put it just under AccountingMax and so on, as it is related to limiting the use of the relay.

MaxAdvertisedBandwidth 5 MBytes

If your relay dies at 21 MiB/s, try to limit it to 15 and slowly bring it up or down until it is suitable for your needs

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I just noticed I upgraded the KVM when I made an exit out of the relay.
Before 1G RAM $3.50 now 2G RAM for $7.

My torrc settings for the 2048MB RAM BuyVM slice:

RelayBandwidthRate 20 MBytes
RelayBandwidthBurst 100 MBytes
MaxAdvertisedBandwidth 100 MBytes

It only runs a tor daemon + unbound & ntpd + sshd too, of course.

Bandwidth values in Tor