My public word corp clients vs red/green bubble metrics list running relays Annoying

if I comminicate my clients to our corp relays, they asked me why the red bubble… but relays online, serving online…
Is there any deadline when success diff > red/green?

Annoying every time explaining why the relay is red even when the relay is running.


Which kind of bubbles are you referring to? Those on metrics? Assuming so, then I guess they usually update every hour…
You can see at the bottom of every relay-page:

Information for relays was published: 2023-12-03 11:00:00 UTC.

Have the relays been offline or why do they have a red bubble?

Hello atari,
I meant the metrics, you’re right.

Relays not offline, clients connected and TBs running.
We are connected and use that every day.

There was bug with bubbles, as I remember, that’s why I asked.