Most private/anonymous public wifi locations?

Hello all,
Which public Wifi locations are the most private/anonymous? I read that small cafes that don’t keep logs are the best. But what about large shopping malls? They might keep logs, but there could be 50 or more people accessing the Wifi at any time? Please give me your thoughts. Thank you.

malls will most likely have CCTV - also keep in mind to change your MAC before connecting…


Buy a long range wifi antenna and scan around for nearby open points, if you live near the mall you can possibly connect to their wifi whilst still at home. There are things you can do to concentrate the scanning for a more directional targeting purpose rather than a 360 degree radius, but I don’t know enough about it to be helpful there


Thanks very much, Atari.

Thank you very much, Angular.

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Be wary of cameras and other people that can watch your activity. I’d recommend staying in the back corner or the bathroom if you really want to do illegal activity. However since there are so many people using it at the same time probably doing similar things. It’s best to keep a randomized MAC address turned on and do everything over the TBB. If the IP somehow gets leaked. There’s practically nothing to worry about since it can be traced back to just that place and nobody will know you did it.

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Thank you, SecretOps. Probably also a good idea to use the default bridge with TBB.