Modifying torrc to exit from a specific country


I added string “ExitNodes {DE}” to torrc
Sometimes I receive DE IP’s. Sometimes not.
I need only German exit nodes.

I configured software (Tortilla, VMware) and
using Tor in guest system. I looking for
filtering software.

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With only settings “ExiteNodes”, Tor will choose this country according the available exit relay only, if no availables, it will choose another.

If you want always use a DE exit relay, you should specify with “StrictNodes” settings on your Tor configuration file, if your case it will be:

ExitNodes {de} StrictNodes 1


I don’t want to use StrictNodes.

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StrictNodes 0 |1
If StrictNodes is set to 1, Tor will treat solely the ExcludeNodes option as a requirement to follow for all the circuits you generate, even if doing so will break functionality for you (StrictNodes does not apply to ExcludeExitNodes, ExitNodes, MiddleNodes, or MapAddress). If StrictNodes is set to 0, Tor will still try to avoid nodes in the ExcludeNodes list, but it will err on the side of avoiding unexpected errors. Specifically, StrictNodes 0 tells Tor that it is okay to use an excluded node when it is necessary to perform relay reachability self-tests, connect to a hidden service, provide a hidden service to a client, fulfill a .exit request, upload directory information, or download directory information. (Default: 0)

StrictNodes with ExitNodes has no effect!
StrictNodes only affects internal circuits (not exit).

See here: Tor Manual


Well I’m not so sure about the strictnodes 1 thing. Some of my reply duplicates some of the above.

Here is the documention and the magic quote: (StrictNodes applies to neither ExcludeExitNodes nor to ExitNodes, nor to MiddleNodes)

I actually tried with and without. {ch} I saw no difference.

Try and click the circuit button.
Sometimes I see the node selected and sometimes not. Have screenshots for everything mentioned here.

Try and click the circuit button. You will see it changing circuits in real time. Sometimes it will end on your selected node and sometimes not. I assume this is due to the way these large site works calling different CDNs for fonts, ads, icons, libraries, etc, etc, etc (you know, all that junk)

I tried sites which I control that are self contained for fonts, icons, libraries, etc, etc, etc. The circuit button shows no activity of course.

I tried a site which I control that uses google fonts. The circuit button shows no activity.

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