Moat in tor browser always provide same bridges for me within short time

11.5.2 (based on Mozilla Firefox 91.13.0esr) (32-bit)
my system is debian stretch(linux kernel)
safer security level
moat in tor browser always provide same bridges for me within short time.
I understand that as a way to prevent the censor to collect/block too many bridges, but that does not work because the censor themself still can use tor to disguise their IP to bypass such limit, also I think my censor can easy fake real IP.
So I think such limit just prevent normal censored people to try more bridges rather than prevent the censor to collect too many bridges.

Everything adds up to make the life of the censor harder. Sure no single mechanism works perfectly, but the sum of them works in many cases.

Providing the same set of bridges for the same IP range is one of the basic contermeasures, that actually stop many censors without that much of resources/effort. We have expanded this mechanism to have different set of bridges distributed on each period of time:

We are exploring other mechanisms to distribute bridges, like based on social graph (salmon), or detecting what bridges are blocked in each location to provide better bridges. But those mechanisms will take time.


Is it better if to block tor exit relay and other disposable IPs?
Though I don’t think such limit can acutally stop my powerful censor but I think as you said such limit can stop more other censor(also more limit censored people as me).