Middle relay using 100% of allocated bandwidth

Right now I’m living in my brother’s condo and he has Frontier FiberOptic 500 Mbps. On that connection I am running four middle relays: Relay Search

One problem is in the past week or two, a middle relay is using 100% of the allocated bandwidth. I had my mom and brother complain about slow internet so I had to cap my relay speeds to 320 Mbps total (80 Mbps per relay) to give enough buffer space for non-Tor traffic.

It’s interesting how the tides have turned, I complained relays don’t push enough traffic and now they’re pushing too much. Is there a denial of service attack on the Tor network, say attacking onion services? My exit relays aren’t at 100% capacity despite a funky exit policy allowing BitTorrent traffic but being “reduced” under port 10000.


I guess you could check the metrics:

I see nothing special happening these days, but perhaps I picked the wrong charts to look at.

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I looked at your relays just now. Seems like their consensus weight was 0 from March to June. That’s the reason they weren’t getting traffic. The question is why the weight was 0.

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I was in the process of moving from Seattle so my relays were off during moving. That’s why I had a 0 consensus weight.

If you stay offline for an extended period of time, the consensus weight resets to 0. My family’s considering a NYC home without fiber so it’ll go offline again until I get Verizon to expand fiber (fiber on demand is part of NYC law).

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Maybe your question is more about why this happened rather than what to do about it… But about network congestion, if you have access to the router is there a QoS setting of some kind that will let you prioritize personal traffic over relay traffic?

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