Max bridges per IPv4 Address?

I understand the limit for standard Tor relays is 2 per IPv4 address. I wanted to confirm, what is the maximum number of public obfs4proxy relays that one could have running on a single IPv4 address? Would running more than 1 be detrimental to the Tor network (e.g. giving oneself a higher chance of being selected over other bridges?)

EDIT: Additionally, when an IPv4 of a Bridge changes, does Tor automatically recognize this? Or does the relay need to be restarted?

Two. But remember that censors are blocking bridges by IP address and not IP:Port. If you really want to run 2 bridges per IP address, please use the same bridge distributor. See this ticket:

hmm I’m not sure about that. I think if you’re running your bridge in a VPS/VM, you will need to restart your tor process.