Making Tor relays more self sustained with funds

Hello people ,

Is possible get funds from donators to improve quality of services on tor and make more structure on others countries beyond Europe ?

Even me try do something here i think we could spread better the things with good connections around world with no limited internet with some nodes do sometimes.

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Well am still here waiting people to debate about those stuff. Someone there ? knock kncok ?

Doing those kind of stuff really requires good link and some level defense against state. But as plebe can contribute a bit , but not forever. I hope i find some people wishing talking about . :smirk_cat:

Here’s a similar (opposite?) question on FAQ:

They list organizations that run Tor relays for donations.

I’ve also heard of VPN service ideas where users directly pay for bandwidth, Orchid seems to be one of such. But it sounds to me like a headache to implement, given the privacy requirements for Tor.

I agree, motivating people to run Tor relays with money should get a lot more of them to do it, especially if it doesn’t require you to create and advertise an entire company.

Maybe creating an autonomous system to distribute donations to Tor relay operators could be the way to go.

VPN is too dangerous once they have both your keys on server and you need real ip to connect on it.

i already have my own onion site where i ask funds on BTC already.

I was wishing funds to at least make decent nodes guards and or exit nodes with good internet connection. But need money to pay good stuff.

One thing we can do is increase relay offreach to east Asian countries, countries like Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, etc.

These countries have fantastic broadband connections, and while it may not work for an exit (due to expensive IP transit), it can work very well for a middle/guard relay at a home ISP since most east Asian connections are faster than most US/EU connections.

For instance many people in Nordic countries have middle relays from home, and it makes sense if we also get east Asian countries on board as well, maybe other than China where Tor is censored.


Sorry those relays from here they are bad and fail a lot of. Asian/Europe limits you most of times.