Make VPN Killswitch for Tor in Firewall

i use Tor on my Win 2019 Server.
I use a VPN and normally i can do a killswitch for any program by firewall, when i do this:

example firefox.exe
my main network is private
my vpn network is public

Now i do in the windows firewall and restrict the internet connection for firefox.exe when no public network is connected.

If vpn (public network) disconnect = firefox no connection.

But when i do this for tor.exe and also firefox.exe inside the tor folder, it does not work.

Which .exe or process is responsible for the internet connection in tor browser?
which process should i have to restrict the connectoin, so tor is getting blocked?

hope you can help me

best regards

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Tor.exe it the one which connects to the internet. Firefox connects to Tor.exe as a sock5h proxy. I don’t understand why it cannot be blocked by a firewall.

Which firewall? The standard one which is in Windows?

I don’t have a server to try it out.

Edited 2024/06/06
OK, I tried this out on a vanilla Windows Pro and made a new rule applied in all profiles to block tor.exe in the desktop Tor Browser folder. This was using Windows Defender. Now a firewall is a firewall is a firewall and it would work with any.

Firefox starts and it just sits there waiting. I have logs. This is not really a kill switch.

To make a kill switch would require making some sort of script which would turn on/off this rule. I will leave this up to you to implement.

Edited even later:

There it is. Now make that into a script.


Hello, yes i use windows firewall itself.
I can block any other program without problems,

i will look into your link thx

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Do it at the firewall rule place and not at the app rule place.

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