MacOS bug with Support link

The bug exist in TB Alpha and stable TB as well.

In Settings (on every Settings page) in the bottom left corner there are “FireFox Support” instead “Tor Browser Support”
The link is correct: Tor Browser | Tor Project | Support

Could you upload a screenshot of the issue please @nina13?


Thanks! I can’t actually reproduce this in either stable or alpha on MacOS. I’m wondering if it’s due to some pref you may have flipped?

I’ve just deleted and re-installed TB Alpha and still see FireFox support.
But I have one more issue with TB Alpha, so may by they are related

Did you delete your TorBrowser-Data file from /Users/…/Library/Application Support too? If not, your new installation will inherit the same configurations as the old one.

(A word of warning: deleting your TorBrowser-Data file will wipe all your browser profiles, bookmarks, history and saved settings etc.)

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Yes, that helped! After deleting data from Application Support folder I got the correct “Tor Project Support” link.

But of cause after I returned data into this folder I got my FireFox Support back =)


I’m curious what was causing it in the first place, but good to know! I assumed it was another quirk of turning Private Browsing Mode off, but couldn’t seem to replicate the issue. When I have the time I’ll test it more thoroughly though.