Lost internet access after installing tor

Hi, after downloading the tor browser I am unable to use my other browsers on my pc and i can no longer download software from my terminal, only the tor browser can access the internet. Please help. I’m using Linuxmint 2021

Hello, can you explain step by step how did you install Tor Browser?

Hi, Firstly opened the terminal and executed the command sudo apt install tor, tor was installed but not the tor browser so i removed the tor and went to the official tor website and downloaded tor as a zip folder and then opened tor from that folder. everything worked fine until i rebooted my PC and all of a sudden only the tor browser could access the internet but not firefox , chromium and an anything else that needed the internet.

After two days of surfing the internet using only tor I found this video on youtube for a permanent fix: Set permanent DNS nameservers on Ubuntu/Debian with resolv.conf - YouTube

It’s highly unlikely that installing Tor Browser did this. My best guess is that some other essential packages got removed while uninstalling tor (little-t-tor / the network daemon) and that has resulted in the issue with DNS resolution on your machine. (hint: assuming you’re using systemd, check for issues with the service systemd-resolve)


Thank you so much. after following the instructions on video I shared above, my PC has been working without problems.