Long series of errors polling broker

I’m running the standalone snowflake proxy on a remote Mac mini.

Last night (my time PST) there was a series of errors polling the broker which went on for about three hours from roughly 06:19 to 09:30 log time (UTC I presume):

2022/05/19 07:49:43 error polling broker: dial tcp: lookup snowflake-broker.torproject.net: i/o timeout

2022/05/19 07:49:43 Error reading broker response: unexpected end of JSON input

I’m trying to eliminate possible causes so I’m wondering if there was an outage on the broker in that time period.

I also had a simultaneous (?) glitch with the third party VNC (Screens) which I use for remote access which led to an inability to establish a secure connection with the remote machine (fetchComputerStatus error: Invalid response. Expecting NSDictionary). This could be a coincidence which is why I’m trying to eliminate other causes. (NB remote access was restored by morning and the errors polling the broker had resolved themselves)

One last thing. Yesterday, I forwarded the entire ephemeral udp port range on the router which the mini is behind (on a static ip). That very nicely took care of the restricted NAT issue and boosted the sdp offers and connections to the relay quite a bit. Everthing ran nicely for quite a few hours until this issue cropped up.

Any insights here would be much appreciated!