Login button does not work

Dear all
When using tor browser to enter www.udemy.com, I cannot see the login button of this site. I would be so grateful if you could solve this bug.

It’s likely that JavaScript is disabled in your browser. Try changing the security setting to ‘Standard’ or ‘Safer’ to enable JS and you will see the login button.

Thanks. I enabled standard mode, but the problem has still remained unsolved.

Have you refreshed the page after changing the security setting? :slight_smile:

could you test this website?

Yes. I cannot reproduce what you’re seeing. Please tell us about the following:

  1. what operating system?
  2. what version of Tor Browser?

also: have you changed any other settings in Tor Browser?

  1. Win7
  2. The latest version: 11.0.6
    Yes, I installed three plugins

I have the same problem here as well. Using Tor Browser 11.06 with Standard security level on Linux Mint 19 and have set NoScript to temprarily trust all web page component. But the loging/register buttons on the upper-right corners do not appear.

When setting up Tor Browser I always add the No Script icon to the toolbar for quick access. Then it’s easier to pick and choose which JavaScripts to run.

Loading the page in Safest mode, then letting No Script load just the scripts from the main domain, causes the Login & Sign Up buttons to appear.

But they disappear after 15 seconds or so.

Clicking the No Script icon again shows there are now many more JavaScripts the page wants to load.

Thanks. I tested this method. but it does not work.

I can reproduce the issue on Fedora Linux with TB 11.0.6. But it works in non-Tor Firefox ESR, so probably not related to the Firefox version.

Possible workaround is to try to log in directly from here: https://www.udemy.com/join/login-popup/?locale=en_US