Linux: I can't find Start-Tor-Browser.desktop

I’m on Linux, I downloaded Tor Browser for Linux using the manual INSTALLATION | Tor Project | Tor Browser Manual I extracted it but then, I can’t find start-tor-browser.desktop Can someone help me find it ?

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read this comment

cc @PieroV

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The thing is, I don’t have the directory Browser, or the subdirectory, as in this comment, after I extracted the file in .tar.xz, I have a file and inside, there ins’t start-tor-browser.desktop. I just asked where in that file, I can find start-tor-browser.desktop

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Where did you get Tor Browser from? you should get it from Tor Project | Download

Here is TB (and others) in a VM. I unpacked the compressed file in the downloads dir, and renamed the folder appropriately, e.g. TB, TBalpha … etc.

Home > Downloads


Home > Downloads > your tor browser folder name (in my case, TB)


that’s where .desktop is

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Okay, I just tested, and it wasn’t the same thing, because I got it from Tor Project | Download Tor . So, thanks, now I found it.

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