Light/Dark theme in Tor Browser 13.0

Hi all,

After updating to Tor Browser 13.0, I no longer see the “Light/Dark theme” setting. I use Windows 11, but prefer having separated settings per application.

Is there a setting in about:config for this?


Hi, please try the following:

  • Copy and paste “about:addons” into the URL bar
  • Then, click to enable “Dark” theme

Yes, it works BUT…

In the previous version (12.x) there used to be a switch named “Website appearance” (“Some websites adapt their color scheme based on your preferences. Choose which color scheme you’d like to use for those sites”). So I chose there the “Dark” one AND enabled a custom theme named “Space Fantasy Redux“ which set a starry background for menu/tab captions.

Now if I enable the “Dark theme“, no more starry backgrounds for me :frowning: And If I enable “Space Fantasy Redux“, the frame around pages is white.

I’m surprised because the corresponding settings are kept untouched in Firefox.

Well, maybe I could download and unpack the space theme and add some CSS from the dark theme, then install the mixed theme from the file, but it would be much better to just edit some hidden option it about:config.