Javascript issue

While I was browsing through onion sites in standard mode I came across a page which said your javascript is enabled so you are at risk of getting attacked so i started browsing in safe mode but then none of the onion sites were loading, anyone know how to browse tor with javascript disabled
PS: i am using android version of tor.

Some onion sites don’t require JavaScript whilst many do require JavaScript.

At various times, JavaScript browser vulnerabilities have potentially [1] or even literally [2] compromised the anonymity of the Tor Browser user.

Therefore, some onion sites don’t utilise JavaScript to help mitigate against potential security exploitation & will therefore provide a warning prompt stating JavaScript is not required for this particular onion site.

When you leave an onion site that doesn’t require JavaScript you might very well need to toggle Tor Browser to a more permissive setting, for example, from Safer or Safest to Standard in order to properly view websites designed with JavaScript.

There’s a succinct summary about JavaScript & the Tor Browser you might find helpful here:

Tip Whilst no one can doubt the convenience of using the Tor Browser on a mobile phone (a very large percentage of Tor Browser users do) one should be aware of the potential, broader spectrum of technical vulnerabilities when using a mobile phone with the Tor Browser.
Of course, you’d need to consider your own threat model [3] to determine your preferred method of using Tor Browser on a mobile phone or any other device. Alternatively, running Tails OS [4] on a lightweight ChromeBook/laptop could potentially be a safer option.

[1] Tails - JavaScript vulnerability in Tor Browser


[3] Threat model - Wikipedia


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