Issues with virtual environment on M2 chip mac

Anyone else having issues with Tor working in a virtual environment on a M2 chip mac?

13" Macbook Pro setting up VMs using Parallels with ARM Ubuntu. Parallels and Ubuntu installations went fine.

Tried installing Tor via command line and graphical method, and got the same error each time:
“Tor Browser requires a CPU with SSE2 support. Exiting.”

I thought Tor 12.0 works in an ARM 64 environment? Why does the virtualization layer cause problems?
Is there a way to use a Tor proxy in a VM in this environment?

Well, Tor works in an ARM Ubuntu installed in Parallels on a M2 chip mac. However, Tor only works as a proxy connection, and the Tor Browser does not launch. So you can utilize the anonymity of Tor in Firefox, but you cannot actually surf the dark web via the Tor browser. Same results in Kali.

To surf the dark web using Tor Browser in a VM (using Parallels on a M2 chip mac), install a Mac VM. In the Mac VM, the Tor browser functioned properly. I hope this helps.

Hey AngryVM54, seems like you encounter the same problem I have now, I have a M1 chip with parallels and Kali installed.

I’m not sure to understand how to utilise Tor as proxy with Firefox can you help ?
Thanks in advance!