Issues with Primary Password; importing bookmarks and passwords; setting default browser

Hello Community,

Having a few issues and hoping to resolve them if there are known solutions.

  • Operating System Info

Edition Windows 11 Home
Version 21H2
Installed on ‎10-‎Nov-‎21
OS build 22000.527

  • Tor Browser Version

Tor Browser 11.0.6

  • Tor Security Level


  • Issue of importing bookmarks and passwords; leads to Primary Password issue:
  1. Open Tor > Open Application Menu > Passwords > Open Menu > Import from another browser > Follow wizard steps > Finish
  2. Bookmarks/favorites appear below address and search bar
  3. Banner appears below bookmarks and favorites: :warning: Please enter your Primary Password to view saved logins & passwords with button to “Login”
  4. Click Login
    Nothing happens
  • Primary Password setup issue
  1. Settings > Privacy and Security
  2. under Logins and Passwords, select Use a Primary Password
  3. Dialogue appears with no current primary password set and fields to enter new primary password
  4. Enter my desired password
  5. Password Change Failed, “Unable to change primary password”
  • Setting Tor as Default Browser
    No matter how many ways I try to enable tor as the default browser, it fails to save as such.

Would love to know if there are ways about this. Appreciate any and all help. :slight_smile: