Issues with ORPort(s) stating not reachable(windows)

Although trying pord forwarding different ports in attempt to fix this issues it results in the same issue, Ive ask on the other platform and no solution can be given. Please assist.
After trying to setup bridge Tor browser doesnt connect anymore, per what i assume from the removal of files for this project but it allowed using other bridges and completely refuse to connect completely as well.
Two major issues, please assist.

So if i get it correctly you have a bridge running on the same computer as you would like to use your tor-browser.
This should be fine in general. Please check if you have conflicts in your port configuration, especially 9150 & 9151. Probably they are already bound and can’t be used anymore. Look at your logs, there might be a warning like Could not bind to Address already in use. Is Tor already running?

Im getting these issues [notice] Unable to find IPv4 address for ORPort and [warn] Your server has not managed to confirm reachability for its ORPort(s) at ******
I was using Tor on the device before setting up bridge and now it cant make any connection.

Ok, which message is coming from which application?
Assuming the non-reachable is coming from your not working bridge, are you behind a router and did you configure port-forwarding, if so?

For the browser i would still suggest to check if you have the same local ports configured in your torrc. please look at to logs of your browser too and see, what is logged there…

Good day

I have setup port forwarding yes and I can confirm that they do not use the same ports as well as Ive tried setting up the bridge with multiple different ports and it keeps failing.
Ive decided not to continue with setting up a Bridge as getting support and the struggle is not worth the consumed time.
I have gotten ride of all tor and bridge related files from my device and upon reinstalling the browser again I am still having issues with the browser connecting to the internet which i have also found causes the Mullvad Browser to send an error message stating that it is already in use and that I need to close it.
This issue is greatly irritating as both browsers are defective due to this attempt to setup a bridge.