Issue with 'Relay Operations' site on Android

Using Tor Browser;
When I go to: Tor Project | Relay Operations (that’s all I can see of the URL, there may be more I don’t know) on a phone running Graphene os - so basically Android, I guess - the website’s headings obstructs the text.
I mean that the screen shows ‘Community’ with ‘Relay Operations’ underneath in purple. Then under that are section headings - ‘Training, Localization, Outreach, User Research, Relay Operations’ (underlined because that’s what I’m trying to look at) then ‘Onion Services’.
Then there’s only a very small amount of the screen left to actually read the text. Say only about a fifth of the screen to read the article in, the rest is the above headings and you can’t get rid of them.
And if you scroll the text up like your reading it it’s ok (in the tiny bit of screen you can read it in) but if you want to scroll back, so down, the headings just come down as well covering what you were trying to read.

tl;dr The heading wildly dominates that page on Android making it essentially unreadable.

Hope this is helpful feedback.

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Sorry about that @code9n! It’s due to the sub-navigation being sticky on mobile. There’s an existing ticket for this issue in Gitlab already, and it’s open to contributions:

While you’re waiting for the menu to get “unstuck”, one workaround is to view the page in reader mode in either Tor Browser or Firefox instead. It’s not ideal, but it works :slight_smile:


Thanks, I’ll do that.

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