Issue on package archive for 10.0.16

The archive at stores all kinds of previously distributed packages and installers.

I find that /tor-package-archive/torbrowser/10.0.16/ , which is oddly listed as “/~sysrqb/builds/10.0.16”, contains only android builds but none for other systems.

To compare, ver 10.0.17 and its rich repo is what it should look like.

Here are the links:
* List item
* List item

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This is interesting… but there’s not really anything we can do about it. This release was before our current set of release, signing, and publishing scripts so odds are this is due to some user error during the release process back then.

In theory this release could be rebuilt, but I doubt an ‘official’ signed release is going to work due to build-chain bit rot and expired signing keys (nor is it really worth our time).


A new development! Maybe the files are actually there, it seems that directory listing has its own index.html instead of the auto-generated file listing…

Ok, turns out we had the files all along, we just also had a index.html file accidentally copied from another server. The bad file has been removed and now you can see the old builds:

Thanks @boklm for the fix :slight_smile:


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