Issue making payments on an e-commerce website

I really need some help, this website> has several security systems, including not being able to create an account with the same adress and not be able to pay with the same credit card. By using tor browser I was able to put the same address in many accounts, but when going to pay with the same credit card, it says that it occured an error. Could someone help me to solution this please. The security system they use I thinks its called Cardinal eCommerce. I really need to be able to pay with the same credit card. You could try to make the process of acquisting in this website, till the end when the payment arrives and it does not let to pay with the tor browser.

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@heeeyyy5298, by the description of the issue it seems you will have to sort this out with the concerned e-commerce website’s support team.

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and there is any way by permitting some of this
As you can see it appears the cardinal there and I was wondering if maybe I can enable and that it does not block that in order to be able to pay, because when paying, it directly says error and I think maybe its related to this
Screenshot from 2024-04-18 09-12-05

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Usually credit cards are correlated to a name and a physical address, so you may be successful with cycling to a Tor exit relay closely associated to that credit card’s physical address. Otherwise, you can try your luck utilizing non-reloadable gift cards, but their acceptance on e-commerce websites varies.

Looking at the website more closely, the products seem to be only available in Europe. Odds are that you will need to use a Tor exit relay within the geographic region along with a corresponding credit card activated within it in order to successfully process the payment.