Is there a DDoS Dash Board or operations centre for Tor?

Is there a place where the network manages and co-ordinates DDoS attack responses. i.e. a Dashboard that shows if there could be a DDoS underway?

I ask because my relays are showing signs of DDoS attack.

Your computer is too slow to handle this many circuit creation requests! Please consider using the MaxAdvertisedBandwidth config option or choosing a more restricted exit policy. [417 similar message(s) suppressed in β”‚ last 5820 seconds]

At first I thought this was a CPU load issue, but I don’t think it is - my CPUs are about 50% utilised - and the throughput measured is about 9Mbytes per second. If I leave things alone for a bit things settle down. Also I have followed the guidance here: My relay or bridge is overloaded what does this mean? | Tor Project | Support to get the below stats.

# HELP tor_relay_load_tcp_exhaustion_total Total number of times we ran out of TCP ports
# TYPE tor_relay_load_tcp_exhaustion_total counter
tor_relay_load_tcp_exhaustion_total 0
# HELP tor_relay_load_socket_total Total number of sockets
# TYPE tor_relay_load_socket_total gauge
tor_relay_load_socket_total{state="opened"} 9535
tor_relay_load_socket_total 65504
# HELP tor_relay_exit_dns_error_total Total number of DNS errors encountered by this relay
# TYPE tor_relay_exit_dns_error_total counter
tor_relay_exit_dns_error_total{reason="success"} 0
tor_relay_exit_dns_error_total{reason="format"} 0
tor_relay_exit_dns_error_total{reason="serverfailed"} 0
tor_relay_exit_dns_error_total{reason="notexist"} 0
tor_relay_exit_dns_error_total{reason="notimpl"} 0
tor_relay_exit_dns_error_total{reason="refused"} 0
tor_relay_exit_dns_error_total{reason="truncated"} 0
tor_relay_exit_dns_error_total{reason="unknown"} 0
tor_relay_exit_dns_error_total{reason="tor_timeout"} 0
tor_relay_exit_dns_error_total{reason="shutdown"} 0
tor_relay_exit_dns_error_total{reason="cancel"} 0
tor_relay_exit_dns_error_total{reason="nodata"} 0
# HELP tor_relay_load_oom_bytes_total Total number of bytes the OOM has freed by subsystem
# TYPE tor_relay_load_oom_bytes_total counter
tor_relay_load_oom_bytes_total{subsys="cell"} 0
tor_relay_load_oom_bytes_total{subsys="dns"} 0
tor_relay_load_oom_bytes_total{subsys="geoip"} 0
tor_relay_load_oom_bytes_total{subsys="hsdir"} 0
# HELP tor_relay_load_onionskins_total Total number of onionskins handled
# TYPE tor_relay_load_onionskins_total counter
tor_relay_load_onionskins_total{type="tap",action="processed"} 16081
tor_relay_load_onionskins_total{type="tap",action="dropped"} 0
tor_relay_load_onionskins_total{type="fast",action="processed"} 0
tor_relay_load_onionskins_total{type="fast",action="dropped"} 0
tor_relay_load_onionskins_total{type="ntor",action="processed"} 58957658
tor_relay_load_onionskins_total{type="ntor",action="dropped"} 607438
tor_relay_load_onionskins_total{type="ntor_v3",action="processed"} 58957658
tor_relay_load_onionskins_total{type="ntor_v3",action="dropped"} 607438
# HELP tor_relay_load_global_rate_limit_reached_total Total number of global connection bucket limit reached
# TYPE tor_relay_load_global_rate_limit_reached_total counter
tor_relay_load_global_rate_limit_reached_total{side="read"} 0
tor_relay_load_global_rate_limit_reached_total{side="write"} 0
# HELP tor_relay_exit_dns_query_total Total number of DNS queries done by this relay
# TYPE tor_relay_exit_dns_query_total counter
tor_relay_exit_dns_query_total 0

jim via Tor Project Forum:

Is there a place where the network manages and co-ordinates DDoS attack responses. i.e. a Dashboard that shows if there could be a DDoS underway? might be what you have in mind.


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