Is TBA going to discontinue once TorVPN is ready?

I read on github that Tor for Android is going to be stopped once TorVPN has been released, is this true? If so it would leave Android users with no Tor Browser, the VPN will allow access to onions but it would have to be accessed through another browser.

I haven’t heard of anything like that. It would also be a bad idea since “another browser” wouldn’t be configured for anonymity, and probably not privacy.

Yes that was my point

Source pls?

There is quite a difference between “discontinue” and “being dependent on TorVPN”. What Nathan is saying is that TBA might become dependent on TorVPN and not itself take care of Tor - just being a Firefox with (primarily) all the settings set to the correct defaults.

The downside of course being that it makes it harder for people to use the app, but it makes sense.


I can see that resulting in bad things, when doing something resource intensive its not uncommon for a VPN to crash, if the connection is lost in a way other than exiting the browser I would imagine its fingerprintable and the browser client would still be on a webpage but with no tor connection.

The connection from within TBA itself is discontinuing if you want to be pedantic about it

Also, what about people who use a firewall which takes position of a VPN to block apps? Netguard needs VPN position to work and you can only have 1 occupying that position. Presumably it will have split tunneling meaning users will have to manually disable TorVPN for all apps apart from the browser. What a piss about.

Lots of people will be unhappy when they enable TorVPN across all apps only to end up locked out of their bank, email and social media because its been accessed by a tor node