Is safe and private the Tor forum?

forum is written in Ruby On Rails 7.0 by the open source code on github ie
how much secure and private is?

Primary definition of private: intended for or restricted to the use of a particular person, group, or class as in private park. Webster definition.

Private, yes, but then anyone can join the forum by registering so the answer is NO.
Do you mean private as in not indexed by search engines? NO again.
There may be private forums for the admins and developers.

Safe as in not having vulnerabilities? Don’t know.

The safety of your activity on the Tor Project Forum depends on your threat model. As for privacy, it is a public forum.

Hello BobbyB && FranklyFlawless,

I asked, becouse I want use this open source code for our project forum, as well, create own advanced modules etc…

Sure, go ahead.