Is it realistic to achieve this speed?

Hi. Stumbled across this comment about Tor speed, I translated it for you.

Regarding speed - simple math here:

  1. Total network bandwidth ~400Gbit/s
  2. Total number of repeaters ~6000 >> 400:6000 ~ 66.6Mbit/s
  3. Actual use of 50% of the bandwidth >> 33.3Mbit/s available all the time.
  4. The speed is increasing every day and quite fast.

In reality, add here the fact that most of the repeaters are very slow, most of the people using Tor have a very slow ISP channel.

So, it is possible to squeeze out at least these 66Mbits, and if you try hard enough, you can squeeze out more. For example, you can manually allow yourself only the fastest repeaters via torrc (of course, this is exactly what you can do).

Personally, I used to get ~50Mbit/s quite often, without turning it up too much. I’m sure you can squeeze out a hundred, too.

Keep in mind that it would have been published in 2020 and the total bandwidth has increased as well as the number of repeaters.

Hence the questions:

  1. Is it really possible to squeeze that speed (66Mbits) and more?
  2. How can I allow myself fast mirrors to try this?
  3. Will it hurt the network?

Of course I am aware that it might affect my anonymity.


That’s not how it works. Network latency from you (through tor) to your destination plays a major role in transfer speed amongst many other things.

It’s possible to get a pretty quick connection, but this is not the primary goal behind tor. You might be better off using a VPN if you primarily want speed/throughput downloading or uploading large amounts of data with less or no need for anonymity.

I would be very happy if I could get both.