Is it possible to delete a raised onion domain without rebooting Tor?

I have many onion domains running on one node. There was a need to recycle some onion domains, but it turns out that in order for the onion domain to stop responding, you need to remove it from torrc and reboot tor. But when the torus is rebooted, some of the onion domains that are needed stop working during the restart. Is there any way to recycle domains without rebooting Tor?

you should be able to reload the configuration without restarting tor.
If you use systemctl to manage tor, you can do systemctl reload tor@default or systemctl reload tor (depending on how your distribution package tor. Use the same as when you start/stop/restart the service).
If you run tor manually, or some other way, you can send a SIGHUP to tor so it re-reads its configuration


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