Is http.onion safe for my data?

It’s a little funny, but new onion icon mixed me up
All clear with https over Tor. And https.onion too
http over Tor is bad, because Tor hide me but http doesn’t hide my traffic
What about http.onion? All good because traffic still in Tor, no sniffing by exit node and so on? In this case onion site takes part in a key exchange?

From what I know, yes, http onions are safe.
However, browsers usually block some features if https is not used.
Do not know if Tor Browser fixes this problem or not.

http onion is encrypted and till i know you can use option to http tunnel :eyes:

It says http on onion services because they’re encrypted using TOR encryption protocol which is stronger than https

I have already figured out this, thanks to everyone for the activity


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