Is `gfx.x11-egl.force-disabled` option ignored in TB?

Archlinux, i3wm, X11, tor-browser 12.0.1

After Firefox has switched to egl render instead of old glx since version 98, I have an issue with scrolling - it is very choppy and laggy, as explained here:

It seems that the issue occurs with some NVIDIA cards, and, as I found out, setting gfx.x11-egl.force-disabled = true in about:config resolves the problem making scrolling smooth again. After tor-browser has switched to Firefox 102 since version 12.0, I have the same problem in TB, but setting gfx.x11-egl.force-disabled = true does not seem to change anything.

Is this setting ignored in TB? Is it possible to force old glx render instead of egl in TB?

Resolved after upgrading to TB 12.0.2.

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